Vintage bolo ties

These bolo ties and pendant were just given to my husband from his Dad.
They were made by a neighbor in the 1970s in Albuquerque, and given to my father-in-law.They are signed C.R. Sousea, who was the neighbor. We don’t know which tribe he belonged to, but the style looks Navajo to me.
I think the small stone is Royston, but who knows. I’m not sure about the others, maybe Morenci.

He also got some very cool pots (Acoma and Isleta) and two stone axe heads that Dad found while hiking in northern New Mexico.


Love it all! The little lightening bolts on the green stone Bolo are fun.


Nice Bolos! I’m not familiar with Sousea, but he does really nice work. And I love the little vintage Isleta twisted handle pottery basket! Its a classic! I have acouple that are very similar. Lucky you!

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