Vintage bolos Zuni and?

I recently acquired a couples wonderful vintage bolos from the estate of a deceased friend who was an avid collector. I don’t know if I’ll keep them or sell them, but I love the workmanship in both.
The first is a gorgeous heavy channel inlay bolo ca 1960. It has the previously discussed hallmark RLB ( Robert Leekya vs Robert Leekity - see
Which RLB is it?)
I cannot find any references of Robert Leeyka doing channel inlay, or much information on Robert Leekity. The silver work looks typical of Leekya.

The second bolo is a mid-large inlaid shell set in silver and hallmarked DR, with 1974 etched on the back. The only reference to this hallmark I found was Dennis Ramone (San Felipe). I’ve always associated shell inlay with Zuni jewelers and shell mosaic overlay with Kewa jewelers.

I’d appreciate any information or thoughts about these wonderful bolos


Both lovely! I especially like the inlay on the top. Pretty sure the rLb is for Robert and Bernice Leekya.


I’m in total agreement @Islandmomma. I can’t see 2 different individuals, Leekya and Leekity, using the same hallmark and producing very similar silverwork. And the RLB hallmark includes Leekya’s wife Berniece (thus the B). I really think there never was a Robert Leekity and that over the years a mistake was made and passed along. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I sure can’t find Robert Leekity in any of my references :grimacing:

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The glow of the Blue Gem in the fish scale inlay bolo! :heart_eyes: I’m a sucker for special bolo tips, and this puppy sure has 'em. Lovely additions both.