Vintage Earrings: Hopi or Mexican?

The research into the Hopi pendant made me dig out this pair of vintage earrings, which are favorites of mine. They had screw-backs but I’ve replaced them.

The dealer didn’t know much about them, said they might be Mexican.

They have pink-orange art glass – well, dragon’s breath – stones. They aren’t hallmarked for silver content.
They have some kind of signature or marking on the back.

The signature is so tiny it’s hard to capture. I’ll show a couple pictures.

If I never find out who made it, it would be at least good to get an idea if it might be Hopi or Mexican

And yes, these are big earrings. But such a tiny chicken-scratch hallmark – and it’s on both earrings.

More attempts at capturing the tiny hallmark.

Now I see it’s like a two-sided arrow – full arrow on the bottom, half of an arrow on top.
The other thing may be .925, so it is marked after all.

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Yes, I too find a good picture is the best way to see things! Any photo editing software will allow you to blow it up, adjust brightness, contrast, etc… I use my TV as a monitor, so those marks that are about an 1/8" become 2’ across! Beats using a magnifying glass any day! Beautiful earrings, btw. Screw-back would make them very old, wouldn’t it?


I believe they are native. Mexico has always had good laws & regulations when it comes to hallmarking their jewelry. We even see old costume pieces marked “Alpaca/Mexico.” Even in the 1920’s, Mexican jewelry was being marked “Silver/Mexico.” I will look for a source to back up these statements, but for now. I say they are native, due to there being no Mexico mark.

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Bree, thanks so much for looking at the earrings. I know nothing at all of Mexican silver.

Pete, screwbacks came in around 1890s and this type was sold through the 1950s. I can’t even guess at their age. The weight is considerable, though.

I debated keeping them as screwbacks, because they are so heavy, and my piercings don’t really need to be dragged down further. But I would never feel secure while wearing these screwbacks, or comfortable: If they’re tight enough to stay on, they hurt.

I’ve kept the original tops near the earrings, though, in case I ever do part with them.

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