Vintage Silver Turquoise Necklace found in European Auction

Hello All. I recently picked up this gorgeous necklace at a European Auction. It appears to be quite old, just given the way the beads are attached to the pendants as well as other features and patina. I have not been able to find any makers mark other than an unusual mark on the back of the last pendant. May mean nothing but there is no other mark on any of the pendants at all.

Any ideas of this lovely piece? I was told by the auctioneer that the family had had this bracelet for many many years. Who knows. It is incredibly heavy for it’s size. 142 grams., and is 13" long. More for a child I would think.

So, I’d be very grateful if anyone can help me with this.


Hello, thank you for sharing. The necklace is made with machine beads and I would guess it around 30 - 40 years old. It is a Navajo made piece and the bead wire around the stone is also machine made, the turquoise looks like Turquoise Mountain. Hope this helps.