W inside Teapot hallmark?

I can’t find this in any of my resources - W inside a Teapot - the cuff is smaller at 6.5 and very rigid. Is it Native? A knock off? The smoky cab looks genuine, but has some thready bright blue that makes me wonder about dye… I’m looking to sell as it’s too small for me, unfortunately, and want to make sure I represent accurately. Thanks a million thanks if anyone has any info at all

! :blush:

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The construction looks right. However, that hallmark has me fooled. We use to get small silver pots, plates from Elizabeth Whitman. Her hallmark is EMW, but maybe she used something like this in the past. She is capable of making many different styles.


Oh MY - I LOVE that little teapot! :heart_eyes: Thanks much for the info Jason! I’ll search around a bit with that lead. It is a sweet little cuff. :0)


You’ll need an Elizabeth Whitman coffee pot too! Lol!