Wanna show off?

what’s your best deal …so far



Oh, that’s a great question. Have to think about it a bit…I won’t count the “free” stuff my parents left me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can anyone beat Islandmomma? :heart_eyes:


I’m sitting here laughing. Are you trying to give me a fat head or something? I had many many years of practicing on how to get a good deal. I also have a secret weapon, because my late cousin tends to jump on my shoulder and send me directions that I wasn’t originally planning to go. I call it shopping with my angels. I also usually do my research.
With the moonstone necklace, I could not see the entire thing, so I didn’t know definitively how many moonstones. I counted and added a couple for the back and researched the value of that size and quality. I also guesstimated on the amount of gold and checked that value. That’s how I based my cut off on bidding.
When I saw the black glass and 18 karat gold that was sort of a no-brainer that it was gonna be something besides glass. Nobody in their right mind sets glass in 18 karat gold. I found that one on the very first day it was listed so for seven days I looked at pictures and more pictures and more pictures. I was thinking it was black tourmaline and researching that. The day before it was due to end a little voice went off in my head and said I bet it’s indicolite. I spent several hours looking at pictures, and all of a sudden I found the exact one I needed to see. At one angle of light, it looked totally black, but the next picture showed it in a different light, and there was a beautiful blue. When it arrived, I was trying to figure size using a tape measure. I called my dad and asked if I could bring it over to get his opinion. I was thinking it was about 20 carats. He looked at it and told me he thought I needed to carry it to his buddy the jeweler and get him to check it. It turns out it was 50 carats.
And I have one other that I did not include in my previous post. Many years ago, I went to a yard sale, and I had already been to two very profitable ones prior to the third one. I had actually been to the teller machine after the First one. When I got to the third one, there was a wooden crate like an old Pepsi crate that had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in it, including an old knife or two. I saw two people pick up a ring that had a ring guard on it, but the stone was white like a piece of paper. They both put it back down and I managed to get there and pick it up. I knew in my gut that it was a diamond. I managed to find a number of pieces and nothing had a price. The guy having the sale looked kind of familiar, but not somebody I could put a name to. I had a bunch of stuff picked out and he added it all up And I’m not even sure he counted the three pieces of jewelry that I had sat in a Cast-iron cornbread pan. He came up with 70 some dollars for everything and I didn’t have but $40 left. So I put back stuff and when he thought I was good, he told me OK we’re even. His girlfriend was hopping up and down telling him that he was not charging me enough and he told her multiple times to be quiet. When I left, I called my cousin and told her to get out the Ammonia and an old toothbrush. Well, of course, she didn’t have ammonia, so we substituted toothpaste. Anyhow, I was right, and it was most certainly a diamond So we headed to the jewelry store and they were closed on Saturday. About killed me, but I had to wait until Monday to go drop it off. It turned out to be .41 carat Transitional cut from the 20s or 30s with the quality VVS1. That was more than 15 years ago when gold was Much cheaper. I just had a special feeling about that ring and started questioning my two older children. When my mother passed away, I got her mothers diamond, and my sister got Mommas. One day when I was working, the windows were open in the house, and the kids were playing something in the front yard with 2 other kids. I knew the younger brother but his older one was with him that day, and he asked if he could go in and go to the bathroom. What they distinctly remember was he ran from room to room and waved out of every window. That included my bedroom where my jewelry was sitting in an open jewelry box. All three diamonds were missing when I got home. There were other valuable pieces, but I guess kids don’t know about emeralds etc… I had such a strong feeling that it was my grandmother‘s ring that we got on Facebook and looked up the younger brother who they knew and looked through his pictures and found a picture of his brother. It was the boy (now a man) at the yard sale. He kept looking at me funny while I was there, and I feel certain that he recognized me and felt it was a good opportunity to right a wrong.
I’m gonna be put on restriction from this site for writing books :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Right on @Islandmomma . I’m with @Steve on hunting. Seems we have all found some great items. I make it a point to ask their price and pay it. No guilt buying.


What a beautiful thing to share. I think he did recognize you and was glad to right a wrong.


wall of text alert :rofl:


EXACTLY what I was thinking…

@Islandmomma, I wonder if all those years he felt guilty, and finally God let him right his wrong. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing it!!


I don’t want you to leave feeling that you didn’t get enough information. :joy::joy::joy:


Great story. you should send that one in to Reader’s Digest.


I’ll add to this to keep it going.

My deals are miniscule in comparison to Islandmomma’s :laughing: I think all the cuffs I bought at Four wind Traders in Flag in the 90s were probably good deals; they were in the vicinity of $100-150. But what I feel like I did best with were these 2 cuffs (which I have posted on here previously); I spent around $200 for each, and both are very heavy silverwise.The first is a frog cuff that I got years ago. I know one stone has a crack in it, but to me it’s special, and Jeff Ogg said he thought it was made in the 50s. I have seen a few similar online, but none quite like this. I was buying it at the start of my trip, and I mentioned that I wasn’t sure I should spend my money right away. He said, no worries, if you change your mind later I’ll buy it back, because he really liked it (and, I believe, because that’s the kind person he is).

The second is by Charlie John that I bought pawn at Shush Yaz in Gallup around '99. I absolutely love it. Jason thought it’s possible that the stone is Indian Mountain.

I think that I wouldn’t be able to buy any of these now, at least when I travel, at these prices. You online bargain hunters might be able to, but that’s just not how I roll (at present anyway).


I have always like your frog cuff But that other one just knocked my socks off! I have a somewhat some more one that’s been posted on here as well way back when. They would look awesome with Sister one on each arm. Mine also has that triangular, shape turquoise. WOW :star_struck: actually, yours is more trapezoid. Spectacular!


Thanks! And it’s a really heavy cuff; just feels good on. We did well on that trip. At the same place we bought the cuff, a Teec Nos Pos rug, and a Navajo wedding basket all at good prices. I really wish I could get back to Gallup on this next trip, but that’s not gonna happen.

I’d like to buy another one of his pieces someday.

I don’t remember your cuff, can you post it again sometime?


I paid $10 for this sterling concho belt at an estate sale. Not hand stamped, but still a bargain!

I paid $50 for this knuckle buster at the pawn shop.


Good job! The belt looks very nice even if it isn’t hand stamped and the ring looks great on your hand. :clap:


Not much, but a treasure to me.

Purchased this Tom Ahasteen bracelet from a member here in 2021.
They sold it to me for what I could afford, which was no where near their asking price.
I had just gotten over major pneumonia and was taking medications. Had lots of bills to pay for that.
Fell in love with the bracelet.

Most cuff bracelets like this are way too large for my slender wrist. This one fits perfect.

I love the combo of set stones and the inlaid, chip Peyote bird.

Do not wear it often, as I do not want to damage it.
When I wear it, am often asked about it.



Well now, 10$, that’s just …insane!


It’s beautiful; I love it!


Nice. I don’t often see stones combined with chip inlay!

One of my deals was a El Gasper Cuff and Jonathon Nez cuff for $60 plus $20 ($10 shipping included) sent to PERRY NULL to replace one missing coral inlay stone. They did a fantastic job.

Second pic is a Susan Cummings Charm brooch which they mislabeled…for &60

Third pic is white Buffalo which they labeled howlite…for $55.

Last page is a few items that were free after selling the rest of the lot. Nakai cross. carol Felley (Anglo) and Jackson earrings. frederico Jiminez earrings. David Anderson serpentine cuff. nothing close to Islandmomma’s deals!


@fernwood Nice cuff. This may be my first time seeing turquoise chip inlay + turquoise/coral set stones together. I like the combination!