Was told it is Navajo.....can't find another like it.

Got this necklace from my grandmother and she told me it was old Navajo. I tried to find one close or similar to but not luck which made me start to wonder if it was not Navajo. It’s pretty heavy and is cold to the touch I’m not even sure at this point as I have taken several directions and my best turn led me here. Any info or point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you

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It could have been assembled by a Navajo craftsman but does not follow any traditional style. It would be interesting to hear the story your grandmother has, date she purchased, where it was purchased? They are a bead you purchase at a supply shop. The white bead is possibly glass.

Thank you I appreciate any kind of info.once I realized The beads were not stone but seem to be some sort of shell tinted blue i got a little doubtful on what I was told. It seems pretty old. Do you think it is real silver the seams in the beads had me second guessing that as well

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The beads do not look like silver beads.

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I appreciate your time and feedback.So my first thought was no way would beads made of silver be left so rough and unfinished looking. Or would they? I am very uneducated in this department lol but I’m almost 100% positive the beads are not glass or stone of any sort but some sort of shell maybe even bone??? A friend said maybe ivory??? Someone else said it looked African??? It’s like the more I dig for info the more questions I have. Are there any other thoughts or guesses on where it could have originated from???

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The structure of it, with multiple strands and metal bars with interspersed silver-colored beads, reminds me of Indian-subcontinent/Nepal-Tibetan necklaces.

About the look of the silver, the difference may be that this is likely not sterling silver but a type with less silver content, common in ethnic jewelry from other parts of the world.

This one on eBay is similar in concept, but with faux turquoise:


Thank you i appreciate you taking the time to read my post and give your feedback.