Wayne & Virginia quam 14k gold watch with turquoise inlay

Mary Christmas a little something. I love this piece although it does not scream NA it is so elegantly designed and skillfully crafted.

Hope everyone is happy and well loved this year!


Turquoise and gold is a great combination and one of my top favorites. Very nice watch.

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Wish it fit my big wrist :fist_right:

Google “14k gold link bracelet extender” @Lessonslearned . I have seen them in curb style and a few others on eBay.

Also check with one of the shops selling their jewelry. Maybe they would modify it for you by adding a few links. @Jason at Perry Null might have an idea.

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Thank you I really appreciate the helpful and thoughtful info! Sadly for me t’s a woman’s watch 6.5 luckily I have a beautiful Albert J Platero cuff that I’m gonna put a watch in this one will have to find some els special who loves it.