Weirdest Bolo Tie Ever?

So I found this old bolo, the leather was all rotted, but the center is over 2.3 ozt silver, I still cant make up my mind if its scrap or art haha.

Seriously, how hard do you have to press on silver, to leave fingerprints ? I think that alone makes this amazing

Metal Clay was invented in 1990. This is a dead ringer for the results. Fun stuff to play with. I dabbled, but always felt like I was cheating for some reason! :slight_smile:


Wow! I had no idea such a thing even existed. Atleast this explains it. I was so utterly confused by this. Thank you so much.

I kind of want to buy some now and try it

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Or…it could be old and it’s a casting created through the lost wax process??? That’s another completely more possible option since you said it had extremely rotted leather attached to it. I also look at it and see that it looks like a musical note. Cool weird hippie craft style art from the 70’s or 60’s since it takes a lot of time for leather to break down that far in a normal environment…Cool Now what are you going to do with it? Haha

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I traded it to a local music teacher for a james avery necklace and an external hard drive. not nearly as unique, but much easier to sell. and my guess is they reused an old bolo, because it had silver plated copper tips

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