Welcome to the new forum!

We at PNT are trying hard to connect with the wider Native American Art market… that would be you! So, please join us here asking questions and giving answers about Native American art!

You can post a youtube video by going to youtube and finding the video you want to post, copying the “url.” The URL is the web page address in the top of your browser that looks something like this:

http: / / www.youtube.com / watch?v=Srut3HfQ5Ag

Once you have that copied, return to your post here and click the “Photo or Video” button and paste the URL in the form. The proper video embed code will appear and you can save your post.

You can do the same thing with www.flickr.com

Let’s say you took a photo of a gorgeous $12,000 piece of Lander Blue and want to discuss it here, all you have to do is go to the page on flickr that displays that photo specifically (we presume that you uploaded it there first), and copy the URL. It will look something like this: http: // www.flickr.com / photos / 52348486@N04 / 4857764948 /

Just paste it into the dialog that pops up when you click, “Photo or Video” in the post dialog.

The dialog will pause a second while it finds the actual image and embed a bunch of code in your post that will nicely display your image:

Lander Blue Turquoise

If you happen to know the exact URL of the image itself, like if you find the image from a Google Images search, you can embed that the same way.

Remember, an exact image URL will always end with something like, “.jpg”, “.gif”, or “.png”

Like this:

http: // farm5.static.flickr.com / 4136 / 4824511205_dec05d4682 .jpg

You can embed vimeo videos the same way:

Please participate! We are looking forward to hearing your questions…

Testing to see if I can attach a file...

…why, yes I can…

I give you the master of silver and turquoise, Aaron Toadlena!

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/39159f44dc6aaf7f0bd578724e7d6124947727a7.jpg">