What are the green rays in this Sadie and Morris Laahty sun face?

Good morning all! I’ve posted this query is some FB groups but don’t seem to be getting any traction/info. Hoping someone here may be able to help.
Can you help me with what the rays may be in this Zuni Sun Face, please? They are all green (even though in pics they can look black)
I know from Toshio Sei ’s book that it is a Sadie and Morris Laahty piece.
Also, any ideas on the etched inititals on the piece? Looks to be MK VK Dealer mark, maybe?

Thank you.


Serpentine would be my assumption. It is common in Zuni fetishes and can be very dark.


Agree on serpentine.

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Thank you and chicfarmer both so very much! I appreciate your insight and help.

If I’m not mistaken the use of serpentine would date it to the 70’s or later

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