What are these black dots?

I just bought this for myself off ebay (not cheap either, unfortunately). And for a weird reason - I love the way Ramone Platero signs his name. I know, not rational. Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to have perfectly round black dots in turquoise? If this is ink, can rubbing alcohol be used on turquoise? It is very shiny, I think maybe Kingman? I did the tooth test mentioned by Bigbree and it sounded like glass. I can’t tell if the spots are on top or underneath the shine. Second photo looking through my loupe. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

The stone is stabilized and I think they used some type of filler. I don’t think I would mess with this stone and try to remove spots. I can’t think of a Ramone Platero piece that I wasn’t impressed by the stones. Plus looking at the bezel I imagine this is not the original stone. If you find yourself wearing the piece or looking to resell one day you might consider getting the stone replaced.

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Thanks Jason, good to know! I am happily wearing it for now, dots and all.