What do you call this bead?

This bead looks like the turquoise is floating on an amber colored bead. I’ve included several shots. To me it’s very attractive but I would like to know more please. I have 6 others, all of smaller size but I want to use this for the focal bead in a design.

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The first one is the backside.

Has this been drilled?

No, not drilled. New and not used. I find the backside interesting also. Looks like a big bird landing.
I have 6 smaller ones of same material I believe which are drilled.

Jason, do you think it’s Bisbee?! I took this photo in daylight and one can almost see clear through the stone.

can you position a bright light under or behind this bead and take some pictures to show the host matrix better?

I can try that. In the meantime, here is the drilled hole which I somehow did not photograph. Apologies.

This is the best I can do. None of my lights do the job and I’m taking photos with an iPhone. Any idea what this stone is?

any flashlights in the house or car? below are photos of an Apache tear taken on a pocket LED light with my cell phone.

I would call this beautiful stone Turquoise Mountain. Your bead has a nice web unlike these stones, but lots of beads come out of Kingman.


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Thanks Jason! So my bead is Kingman out of AZ. That is good to know!

No, Steve, I don’t have one of those. Mostly lanterns in my place. A big flashlight with a huge lens is the only one.
My question is answered as far as my needs go. I’m selling this one soon.

Jason actually said your bead appeared to be Turquoise Mountain.

Thanks, now I get it.