What do you call this?

I have no idea what this may be. Any ideas as to origin or age?

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Hmm. Could be north African, could be Tibet/Nepal, could be India.


I agree, or even Asian or Middle Eastern. The color of the metal suggest it is less than sterling, looks like alot of copper in it.


Yes, agree with location /style.
The stones within the settings look out of place.
The settings were designed to have cabochons in them. Maybe those fell out at some point. Were replaced with small pieces of Turquoise rocks.
The style is a hinged bracelet, also known by other names.
An easy test for silver. Do you have any sterling jewelry and a good sense of smell? If so, rub your thumb/fingers on a known sterling piece. Then smell your fingers. Wash your hands. Then rub this piece. See if the smell is the same.

I like the overall appearance. If mine, I would remove the Turquoise rocks and make some cabochons to fit the settings. Maybe add some other types of cabs.

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Thanks for the input!

This is not something I have, but rather another curiosity that I have found in passing that the seller is claiming to be Native American. I guess that is the default for anything with turquoise in it for those who aren’t familiar.

Agree that it certainly does not look like sterling or coin silver, or Native American. I never thought that perhaps the stones have been replaced, but since this thing looks pretty old, that is surely a good guess, has these stone chips certainly don’t seem like they fit.

Too bad the seller doesn’t really know what it is. It looks like it may have an interesting history without the mistaken identity.

Yes, Asian or African in origin, maybe North Africa (Berber/Morocco tourist stuff).

Not necessarily too old despite the look. About silver content, plenty of base metal in it, and won’t be 925.

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