What does "turquoise people" mean?

Sounds kind of dumb to ask that but i found this website because i was trying to identify turquoise jewelry. I was wondering if i am able to post other jewelry with lapis lazuli for opinions on if it was native made?


“…actual type of people?”

nah,kid…we just use rit dye in the bathtub every night.


Can you explain what that comment means? If you are being funny then i totally missed it, or it wasnt funny… if you are being rude, or offensive, id hope not, because it would be awfully embarrassing to explain yourself if you were. The world has millions of types of people, kids being one of them

Seriously, you seem like you didn’t know what the site was for, so I screenshotted a picture of the definition of what the site is for. Sorry if I misunderstood you.


Okay if I didn’t know what the site was for I probably would have asked what is this website for but that wasn’t my question. But thank you for clarifying what you sent the screenshot for… feel free to answer my question it’s okay if you do it in the form of a screenshot too

Anyway, i didnt know if it specifically meant something like people who collect turquoise, or if it meant that it was people who are connoisseurs of turquoise, or if it was a tribe name or whatever. The reason I asked it was because I was trying to get a better idea of what to post on the website when I am asking about jewelry that is possibly native made. I thought the questions were pretty straightforward but I guess not es

You can post something if you think it might be native made, but aren’t sure and want to know. There is a section for non native jewelry if you want to post something there.

I would say this sight is for people who love Native American jewelry, and want to learn more about it. We are not trying to be rude, but we do have some fun, @newpawn was making a joke. I was trying to answer what I thought was your question.

But we will be honest about what we think.