What era is this?

This will probably be my last since i see that im not welcome to post jewelry on a website that is specifically for posting jewelry and it is bothering people that i do it. Also, for anyone else new, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions. It accelerates learning, so problems stop being so repetitive. At least until this group of people try to drive you out of their internet space.

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Nice cameo ring. They have been made for centuries and I’m not that familiar with them. I get the impression that this is from about the 60-70’s time frame.

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Late Victorian to the 1920s.

With all due respect, the forum is mainly for those that have more of a specific appreciation for NA turquoise jewelry. @jason has included the non-native category to help those with an occasional question or to share an item with the forum.

The intent of the site is not to evaluate and/or appraise single items or entire collections. There are services for that. The folks here are more than willing to bend over backwards to assist in identification. That being said, from what I have seen, this is both a hobby and passion to most here but not their profession. And there are many online hallmark databases and well respected NA shops that should be researched as well as excellent reference books.

Your items are worthy of inclusion and interpretation since there are people that need to learn how to identify NA jewelry from other jewelry. Maybe just not all at once as those here are compelled to help and it can get overwhelming.

So, I hope you can accept constructive thoughts and stick with us :grin: and pace your submissions or I guess you can take your bat and ball and go home if you feel offended (which was never meant). :slightly_frowning_face:


I didnt know that i was limited to the amount i can post based on how overwhelmed it makes people feel. Sorry, for overwhelming people by trying to learn at a faster pace that wasn’t what I was trying to do. It was just exciting to me. I dont feel offended, just unwelcomed. I dont really know much about the internet, so if i accidentally posted the same thing in different places sorry for that too, it was a mistake as i was trying to learn this website. I also like jewelry, ive collected it for years and ive always had a lot of questions about it. This was the first time i decided to research it. I will find another service for that as you have suggested.

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Well, you ran a good test for overwhelming submissions by one person. :+1:

It’s great that you are excited. It is exciting and we all fight the urge to do more and more. The folks here want to help and have to research submitted items along with all of life’s other commitments. And no one wants to risk letting someone go unanswered.

Glad you are the understanding sort and not the offended type. You are welcome to keep it up, albeit a little slower.



Does your boss like the idea of limiting people? I hope you guys get the break from people like me, you deserve it. Just let me know the rules of how much i am allowed to post thanks.

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As said, this group is primarily Native jewelry. But we welcome newcomers who share their items. Don’t worry about offending anyone, you haven’t. Also look for various groups on Facebook who specialize in specific types of jewelry. They will have groups that suit your needs.


I’m glad you suggested that. I was thinking the same thing but the clothes dryer went off and I forgot. I belong to a number of private groups as well as several public ones. They have groups for whatever you want to learn about. Some also include buying and selling. All will have their rules posted. I have learned a lot there also!

Ok thanks, turned out i only had 1 Native American item so far, a Zuni pin. But i get it, i will go elsewhere, or as it was put, tske your bat and ball and go home. Next time i will take a different approach, thanks for the learning experience.

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You’re always welcome here! we really are a friendly group! just we mostly stick to Turquoise and Native American jewelry. Anything else is purely for funsies and not an area of particular expertise for the whole site. it’s not that big a group, i think maybe 50 of us here day in and day out. so no need to anyone post a query in every category - we can tell when there’s a new post and we flock to it like ants on a picnic! :smiley: Most of us dont comment unless we have something knowledge-wise to offer. I hope you come back and don’t take offense.


Before I officially joined this forum, I read and read and read as much on it as I could, to kind of get the hang of how things went. Then when I joined I started slowly, because I wanted to learn. I was excited also, because not many people in my circle are interested in Native American jewelry. And what I found was that being on here made me want to look up other resources, and learn even further outside of here.

I think the Facebook groups sound amazing, however I’m not on Facebook (maybe someday). Because of that I have to restrain myself a bit also on here :laughing:

And the non-native section is a fairly recent addition. Like @Jemez2 said, the focus is still on Native American jewelry.


Since I own three businesses I guess I have to ask myself. I learned limits from calculus. I have to pace myself on this forum, otherwise I would be inundating these poor folks with questions.


I have vacation from work so i thought i would try and find a way to make some money in the 2 weeks i have off, since it is Christmas time and the bills dont stop. I emailed the company here and asked for my account to be deleted, so that you guys get the limitstion you all need.