What is this stuff? Big sterling pendant with unknown “stone” marked G HANDCRAFTED STERLING

Hello. I got this (definitely) sterling silver and “turquoise” pendant for not much money. It’s about 50g. I can’t work out what the “stone” is - it doesn’t fluoresce, isn’t plastic, hardness 5, nothing comes off with acetone. It’s just so smooth - it can’t be real turquoise, can it? Unless it’s something that’s been very heavily stabilised (but wouldn’t that fluoresce?). Keen for your input - I’m enjoying my learning about turquoise experience. The makers mark (G HANDCRAFTED STERLING

) isn’t one anyone knows. It’s not Garrison Boyd.

I’m not sure if it’s turquoise. But turquoise can definitely be smooth to the touch. If it’s been stabilized, or just a really nice natural hard stone, you might not be able to feel the matrix. I have some of both that are smooth.

I have no idea about fluorescence. I’ve never heard anything about that regarding stabilization.

If I HAD to guess, I would guess stabilized turquoise.

Single letter hallmarks are really hard to figure out.


Thank you. I’m going to do a hot needle test and check it under a microscope.