What kind of green turquoise is this?

I’m so excited about this squash blossom, which I’m hoping arrives by this weekend. But I can’t wait. In the meantime, I’ll have to use the pictures that the seller provided.

What is this? Is this Ajax? Damele? Some look of Royston that I don’t own yet?



Some may recognize the stamp work around the stones.

Yes, it’s got a snail signature on the back of the naja.

I have admired at least four of his squash blossom necklaces online. I like the stones he chose, especially when he was working with green stones.

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The snail signature is supposed to belong to Bobby “Slow Hand” Etsitty. That’s an intriguing name. I wonder if he worked slowly, or if the name is ironic, as when musicians used the same nickname for Eric Clapton – they were joking about how quickly his fingers worked the electric guitar.

The stones on this one are fascinating, yes, but I think they blinded me, because this is a necklace that I don’t like as much in person, now that I’m holding it. I own several squash blossoms, all of which are vintage, so maybe I’m noticing signs that it was made after the 1970s.

  • The silver elements are sharp-edged, including the edges of the beads.

  • The blossoms are loosely rolled.

  • Most perplexing of all, the settings don’t really have stampwork, as they look cast - the rope twists don’t look like they were fashioned individually and separately applied.

So I’m not sure what I have on my hands here, but I’m still curious about the stones, which look correct and have variations, depth & texture.