What Kind of Turquoise Is In These?

Thanks For Any Info!

3 things I’m about to sell & I don’t know what they are worth or what kind of Turquoise is in them!?
The Colors are pretty accurate in these pics…

A Eugene Belone Ring:

A Peterson Johnson Ring:

& a pair of Needlepoint Earrings:

The Earring on the left has 3 chips in the Turquoise.

Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated!

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I’ll be interested to hear from someone who knows more than me about whether those are two different types of stones in the second ring. To me, the one on the right looks greener and blurrier. The one on the left looks like a galaxy far, far away.

I love those butterflies. I swear my older Zuni books must have that artist in them. Going to look. For a minute I thought of a Star of David pair of earrings that I’d seen by Morinda Solomon, but there are no beads at the joints of your piece between each needlepoint stone.

Yes, the one on the right is greener & blurrier!
I’ve tried looking at Peterson/Johnson’s stuff, but can’t find anything with those type of stones.
Sounds like you just returned from the Vortex!?
The Butterfly Earring on the right is all there, the one on the left needs 3 stones replaced.
I don’t know if they are sell-able, in this condition?

I may have mentioned in another post that I had a single missing needlepoint stone replaced in a Sampson & Lucille Bowekaty bracelet, and that this cost $40, which included shipping back to me through priority mail.

I can’t find an artist in my Zuni books for those butterfly earrings. I did see two suspects but finally, neither matches.

I was surprised to find that when Norbert Haskie was really young, he was making very delicate and attenuated pieces like this, but again, he placed a large bead like a “joint” between segments of stone.

Horace and Morenda Sanchez were also joining together single segments of needlepoint to make interesting constructions. But they made many-layered starlike shapes and net-like or grid shapes. (And it’s interesting to me that Morenda Sanchez and Morinda Salomon have somewhat similar names, but that doesn’t mean anything, really.)

These are all great pieces. The stones look wonderful.

I’ll be interested to hear what the top one is. Does Royston sometimes have that beautiful webbing?

And yes, I spent a week in Sedona & the Grand Canyon. I talked to a very talented young Zuni artist, Jesse Johnson, who was doing a demonstration in a building at the Grand Canyon. He makes very fine petit point work. I came away with a nice pair of earrings. Also talked with him about some of his relatives’ work. I know his grandfather’s work and his mother-in-law’s work. This is going to sound ridiculous but I’ve never had a live conversation before with a Zuni artist (I live in NY, which may explain that) and it was a pleasure to hear him talk about how he works.

I also visited the Heard Museum in Phoenix (where I saw some truly awesome jewelry) and walked around Old Town Scottsdale looking in shops. Didn’t buy anything there, though.

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