What kind of turquoise is this cuff

Hi, i need some help identifying this piece of turquoise and would like to know the value of the cuff overall. The face of the cuff is over 3 1/2" tall and over 2" wide and weighs approx 176.5 grams. I was told this cuff was from the 40’s or 50’s also? I payed A LOT for it so I’m wishing for some great news Thanks


Although I can’t say for sure what kind of turquoise this is I wouldn’t worry about it, don’t know how much you paid but you can go here http://www.turquoisedirect.com/turquoise/ to get some kind of idea about different types and see prices. That’s one beautiful hunk of turquoise though!


That’s some piece!
It looks like it could be Blue Diamond turquoise - though I’m not sure when it was mined, it does resemble cabs that I’ve seen.


Scroll down and you’ll see - not sure what it sells for per carat though - could try contacting them?

Best of luck,


Thank you! After viewing your comment I went to check out the page you suggested and OH WOW I really think that is the type of turquoise I have here, blue diamond turquoise. The description of when this type of turquoise was mined falls right in line with what I was told about this cuff being from the 50’s. Wow if it is that old I am amazed at the condition it is in for such an old and large piece. I really love this piece but unfortunately I don’t get to wear it because it is to big for my small wrist size. But thank you for your help

Hi! And can I say…WOW!! Those are amazing pieces!! Love it! :smile: