What mineral is in this ring?

I know some areas in the US have produced turquoise in rare lime- green colors, like Carico Lake. I also know some other minerals mimic that same green color, such as gaspeite, faustite, and calcasiderite that are also used in jewery. But what do you guys think??

I’m that person who knows the names of things and has just enough knowledge to be more dangerous than someone who’s completely ignorant.

I’d want to learn from someone who actually knows something: Is that Damele turquoise? Or Orvil Jack?

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Is this the same substance?

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These two always stymie me! I am going to guess it is Damele, mostly because of the similar matrix structure. But the color is so nice I would call it a keeper!

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I thought it might have been Orvil Jack, but I could find any information about its matrix, so I can’t be sure. The is color is similar though.

It really looks like that Damele cabochon you posted, with less webbed matrix. I too know just enough to be dangerous.

I had considered that it might be damele, I just don’t know enough to be sure. I always confuse damele, damali and variscite @Christibo @saef
Here are some more photos, one with the flash and one in natural light. My camera sucks right now.

Saw this today while browsing and thought of your ring.
(The listing won’t help you with identification, unfortunately. Seller may have reused an old listing and not revised it.)


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Dang those stones look similar. Thanks for sharing that, too bad that description is just awful lol