What the heck is this?

This came on an old turquoise bead necklace. The turquoise beads are real. This is center drilled. It’s very matte (not shiny). I tried the acetone test and no dye came off, scratched it, and it’s blue. It’s a very pretty shade of intense blue. Ignore any glossy spots - I applied some resin and then removed it. I was thinking of polishing it was Zam buffing compound

I am assuming this bead looks different than the turquoise beads? Also, that you don’t believe this to be turquoise?

The turquoise beads were more of a paler blue, very different.

I’m thinking maybe this is chrysocolla?

I just don’t know what it is. Is turquoise every this dull looking? It does have very pretty color though.

Doesn’t look like chrysocolla, turquoise can take on lots of different looks. I blow up your picture and I am not sure what this is, sorry.

OK, thanks for your time. It’s not plastic, it’s not howlite, or magnesite, and it’s old! I purchased it very inexpensively and it really has me stumped.

This is chrysocolla…I think your stone is turquoise.

explore some of the images of African turquoise jasper linked below


OK, thank you all. Any idea how I can get a gloss on it without tools? I’ve read Zam Buffing compound can helpful even without tools.

Looks like old treated 'chalk" turquoise to me, but like Jason I can’t be sure. Stuff that looks just like it used to sell for pennies a carat fully cut and backed. If it is , it should buff right up with Zam. Go lightly though. It is very easy to overheat and burn the color right out of a treated turquoise stone. Whether or not it will take a shine also depends on the underlying porosity of the material (if Turqquoise). If plastic, it’ll likey just smear and make a mess when the buffing wheel is applied with any pressure.