What to Have Wrapped

Asking for help.

I have a new co-worker is trying to expand his wire wrapping skills. He showed me a ring he recently did a woven wrap on. It was beautiful and high quality.

He is interested in wrapping some pendants for me in exchange for some cabochons.
They would be simple, woven edge wraps, not obscuring the face of the stones. There would be woven bail on the top.

I am thinking one of these Morenci cabs would be a good candidate. Wrapped with antiqued copper wire.

Penny for size reference. I am leaning towards. the one on left.

I will also be having him do an oval, copper firebrick cab I have.

Thank you


I love the bigger one for a pendant but I always like the bigger stone :smiley:


I agree. It is in the shape of a guitar pick, which is a bonus for me.


Really pretty stones!

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Yes!! Nice trade to receive! I also vote for the guitar pick one. Seems like a more defined, symmetrical shape would wrap better.


Why did I type Morenci when the cabs are Bisbee? Lol.

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LOL. I was wondering what variety of Morenci looked like this. :grin: