What turquoise is this? Conflicting tag & hallmark?

I purchased my first piece of turquoise jewelry on a recent trip to Santa Fe and it was a bit overwhelming so I hope I haven’t gotten ripped off! I’ve tried to identify the artist based on the label and hallmark but they seem to be conflicting. I’ve also gotten about 3 different answers when I inquire about the type of turquoise in the pendant. Hoping someone here can help.

Did you ever get a reply about this? From what I’ve read online, you’re right about the hallmark. It’s still pretty!

I did have someone confirm they thought the pendant was a Geraldine James piece. I know the earrings aren’t, as I bought them from an individual selling on the Santa Fe square. Still not sure about the origin of the turquoise.

You have to be so careful. There is so much fake crap being sold around the Plaza. I do not mean Governor’s Palace I mean some of the vendors and even some of the stores. Not saying your piece is a fake just that if you want to be sure you have to know what you are buying.