What turquoise is this?

Edit* Got a better shot :smile:

I came across this large turquoise cab. No backing. Old piece
phone cant pick up everything but those are the best shots I could get

Beautiful stone. I can not enlarge the image. If you can get a closer pic that would help significantly, thanks.

Your going to get some people jumping right in and saying it is Lander Blue…it’s not but a lot of people are try to sell cabs like this as Landers.

Where do these cabs come from? I know there’s a lot of fake ones that ppl claim are lander. This one is tricky.

By fake do you mean not Lander or man made? There are a lot of other mines that mimic Lander with their tight spider web, but Lander never “bled” in the nodules like this one. That and the matrix of the stone is not the flat black of Lander. There are a lot of pictures on the net of Lander Blue that is not Lander at all. One of the best pictures of Lander is in Scaaf’s book American Indian Jewelry biographies A-L on pg. 25. THAT is Lander Blue as it should be not Kingman spider web as shown on page 20 which is what a lot of the stuff advertised as Lander Blue really is.

I looked around some more and found some similar turquoise to this one. It could be spiderweb kingman hmmm…