What would be a reasonable price for this cuff?

The Bic lighter cover brings back childhood memories. I remember my friend’s sister had one. I don’t remember the exact decoration but it was silver and turquoise. Your cross is very nice. I’m glad you found what you were looking to buy and at an affordable price.


@Bluegreen , the Bic case is delightful! And I love the Cecilia Iule pendant. Those green turquoises – mwah! Glad you got them at affordable prices too :heartbeat:

So often the best finds are the ones where the seller is unaware the item is NA. My fave so far is my huge storyteller cuff – the seller listed it as “Japanize” (sic).


@Bluegreen see, that other rude seller is about to get schooled. No buyers ought to tell him something. That new cuff you got is a clear winner! That cross is a great find, hope you get that, too.


Thank you for your kind message, that is lovely to hear. I think these cases are still made nowadays. Hope they will get more popular again


Thank you! And i absolutely agree, i very much enjoy finding these gems in forgotten corners on the net. I also regularly visit fleamarkets and thrifts but haven’t found anything interesting (real, authentic) there as of yet.

And i can imagine that you are still very happy with your storyteller cuff, sounds like a great find indeed! I really love storyteller items


Thank you @Xtina ! And i received the cross last saturday and am wearing it night & day ever since :smiley: