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We have used this forum to talk about identifying your maker, real turquoise vs. fake, and other topics of interest. It is our desire to create a forum that is useful for the Native American art collector. If you have a topic you would like written about tell us, we are wanting to make a top ten list of useful questions.

I have artwork that is signed Theodore Edaakie. It looks as if it might be a wood block of some sort. It is signed “Zuni Deer Dancer”. It is rather small in size, approx. 7 3/8 W and 10 3/4 long and very intricate in detail. I have enclosed a photo. Would love to learn more about it. Thanks for the info! Faith

It is very difficult to tell from the picture, but I have seen similar work done on wood. Theodore Edaakie also made jewelry.

Hi Jason, I have continued to do research on this piece and am convinced it is an original piece of artwork by Theodore Edaakie. Do you do appraisals for something like this and if not could you recommend someone? Thanks, Faith

You might try here, http://www.ashiwi-museum.org/ Sorry, just don’t have anything to compare it to.

hey Jason i am trying to find the name of the maker , its on watch band and on a ring.Can you help please thanks sy

Hi Jason: I still cannot find your response to the pic. that I sent of the silver buckle with the charging bear and 2 pcs.of turquoise - I called you on the phone because I did not find a response and you told me what you could remmeber but I cam still trying to find the written word for I wanted to print it and send it with the buckle to my gradnson for his 18th birthday - could you please let me know where it is posted. I have looked and clicked until my ears are ringing - THANK YOU, THANK YOU. mS. Staley

It would have been an email from info@perrynulltrading.com

Hi, as a new collector I find this forum most helpful, espeically the articles on IDing hand cast versus spin cast items and real versus fake turquoise.

I’d love to see an article or two on the historical aspects of NA jewelry, including ways of identifying the approximate age of pieces by materials used or by closures, styles, etc… As a ‘for instance,’ I’ve been scouring the web recently in search of such information as when Native Americans first started making watch cuffs and watch rings and when the adjustable band on rings was first introduced, but have come up empty handed. As a long time Anglo jewelry collector, I know that pinbacks and closures, among other features, as materials used and styles of manufacture, can be ways of circa dating jewelry pieces, is there a similar way of circa dating NA jewelry by materials, techniques or findings?

Thanks for this helpful forum, I learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


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Oh and one more question: I see the term ingot silver used when describing NA jewelry, but as I’ve seen ingot pieces described as coin silver and also as sterling silver, I can’t figure out which is correct. Is ingot silver coin silver or sterling silver or some other kind of silver entirely?

Thanks again and best wishes,


Hello BigDogLady,

An ingot is a crucible that you can pour sterling or coin silver into, it can be either. Hope this helps.


Thanks Jason, that is most helpful.