What's your "Go To" piece?

It’s lovely! Pretty shape and color. I’ve read up a bit on Bisbee since I have a buckle from my mom that prob has a Bisbee stone. And I’ve got a ring with 3 little Bisbee stones. Fascinating! We were in Bisbee once, but only for a few hours. I hope to go back for longer some day.


Very pretty ring. I love Bisbee turquoise. I have one Bisbee ring and would love a bracelet. Sorry about the passing but it’s wonderful to have a piece or three made by him :grinning:


My heart with a bow pendant is my daily go to piece. I was at a friends consignment shop when this really nice elderly lady came in with quite a few pieces. She said it was a gift from her husband that she wore for 20 years or so. I went back a month later and she still hadn’t priced it. So I went looking and found the lady’s pieces in the bottom of the junk drawer. She sold it to me for a few bucks but I couldn’t

believe she had tossed her stuff in the junk drawer. I wish I had had the time to go through it all then. She closed the shop down a couple weeks later. Never heard from her again.

Question: It had a smaller spot on the back when I first got it but I have oily skin and I made it worse. I tried washing it but I’m guessing it’s permanent. Will it work it’s way to the front? Not sure if there is something I can put on the back but it stays there then I’m ok with that. Thanks.


I don’t think it will go all the way through; I’m guessing just on the surface where it touches your skin. But hopefully someone more expert than I am will weigh in. Now I see you like hearts! It’s lovely, and has a story with it, which is always special.

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Thanks, I completely agree. I love older pieces. I told my husband that this is my form of recycling. I try to get as much info on my pieces as I can when I purchase them. I do hope that the dark area stays on the back, but if not it won’t deter me from wearing it. Thanks again.


These have been worn most often lately.
Really simple and comfortable.


My go to pieces have been my silver “saucer beads” and big necklace.


Wow! Nice! They look great together! That claw is just crazy cool!