Where/how to find a ring blank

as I have 11 of the same grid pattern rings,got curious about who manufactured em. since they’re chip inlay,have to be late '70s plus.
9 grid,w/sunburst & rain clouds stamped on sides of shank.
why 11? cuz of the variety of turq & coral-all turq to all coral. & yeah,still keeping a lookout to complete the set-lol


Post pics. Maybe from Indian Jewelers Supply. They sold several styles. I can check against the old catalog.


ebay item number=285919737597

already have this one…paid less than 1/2

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Here is a page from their 1993 catalog. Unfortunately they are out of business and I would have no idea if anyone is still making them in the US.

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Here are some current offerings from Thunderbird Supply.
I still have *some of these that were purchased in the 1980’s.

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