White Buffalo ring by A. Johnson

I bought this ring in a little shop in South Dakota. It was sold to me as White Buffalo. I was wondering if this is one of the true White Buffalo stones or perhaps I just misunderstood. Also can you tell me anything about the artist?


After reading your articles about the White Buffalo, I think it looks more like the howlite with it’s black matrix. Love the ring just the same, it’s comfortable to wear and beautifully done.

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I was just getting ready to suggest you check those out. I came away from the articles thinking true White Buffalo stone is really rare, and often (sometimes innocently, sometimes purposefully) misnamed.

Your ring is pretty…I like the silverwork being different on each side.

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I think that you might have white Buffalo there, don’t know the artist but did find another by her,

If you click here you will see you can purchase white buffalo right now from the ottesons


And learn about the new mine white bison that looks like white buffalo, Our Mines — Otteson Brothers Turquoise


Wow…thank you Jason!

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I love the beautiful stones the Ottman Brothers have…

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