Who can read the last name on this tiered zuni piece?

This complicated pin/pendant is signed on the back as you can see from the photo but I cannot make it out. "Roger and Lela ?elliu?? "
Are the bottom dangles raindrops? sun rays? falling feathers?
Can you tell me the value?

Roger and Lela Cellicion.

Because this brooch depicts a Zuni sun face, I would think that the drops would be sun rays, but that middle piece looks to be a cloud, which makes me think that the drops could also be rain clouds. Either way, the drops are weather-related LOL. If you could tell me how large/ how small the pendant is, I could give you an idea as to how much I would be selling this for In my store.

I came across two listings on the internet to give you an idea of two very different values.


Your pendant has a really good look. I think that you would expect to see something like $350 - $500.