Who is the Maker and is it real?

I received this from my great grandmother. She had a lot of costume jewelry. I know it’s Stirling silver but I am not sure if it is real turquoise or who the maker is. Any ideas?

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Great piece to remember her by. I could not find that paw in Wright’s second edition.

Thank you for looking!!

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This would be a Navajo ring. The turquoise is going to be difficult to identify. Most likely something from Kingman.

Thank you for this… any idea if where I can take it to see if it is real?

Any way to tell what year or decade it was made? It has a slit on this one side where it connects

Your ring is real. It is difficult to tell when this was made, the wear doesn’t seem to be much. The best would see if someone in the family remembered her wearing this, the dates.

True! Yes I wear gloves when doing physical work at work…and she may have not worn it much maybe.