Who is this artist on these earrings?

Curious about the artist that made these earrings, I believe these are made by a zuni artist but can’t figure out the signature on these, is this inlay type of turquoise and coral also? Any help appreciated on identifying this

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One earring looks like it says AZ789, which would mean it’s a code that the artist would use to inventory his jewelry, rather than a signature. The blue is turquoise and the red is coral, and yes these would be considered a type of inlay

Yes that’s what I see, thanks

Have a feeling AZ might actually be a abbreviated signature, I’ll start looking into that possibly

Looks like it’s inscribed AZ 7 BA, it’s not the AZ 789 like you thought it was, I’ll keep searching, I don’t give up easily, I just took a better picture in hopes of finding out this artist these Zuni earrings
Anyone have any ideas about these? I may never find out but I have fun researching and hopefully figuring hallmarks out eventually…