Who made my Navajo squash blossom necklace

August 24, 2018 2:38 AM


I just love the details. The suns, the eyes and neck deco on the birds. This is the most beautiful of this type of necklace I’ve seen. IMHO. The details on the tails. Which are all silver as opposed inlay as well, which definitely set this one apart from the others I’ve seen. Actually all the extra details sets it apart from others. The inlay that is there is perfectly flushed. And no missing pieces. It’s heavy. Hits the sternum. All the tourquoise lines up. Whoever did make it paid a lot of attention to what they were doing. You can hardly see the differences of each bird, yet if you look very closely you can see how cuts are ever so subtly different Seems the front has been clean a little but the back has the patina.
I want to know who made it and I want to know it’s value.

These are great necklaces and have been made by several different artists. This one isn’t hallmarked.

You notice also that my bird has no space between the wing and bird body…this picture has separation. I wish I could see every one of these that were made.
The hallmark on mine is PB

I love the hearts on the birds on this one.

Nobody has a clue huh? Well I hope someone will see this at a later time and know. Just checking in…Oh and if you have a necklace like mine will you please post a picture here? I would love to see it!!