Who made this bracelet?

Hello, one a gain I need your help! Who made this bracelet ? I can’t get a clearer picture!
Thanks You very much

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What are the letters, HP?

I don’t know! These are photos taken by the person selling it. According to her, it’s a stamp !!

Don’t know who made it, Val, but there are a couple of items that really look out of place for native work. The twist wire accent in the center is a single piece of 1/2 round twisted inwardly, exposing the flat bottom portion of the wire in a long spiral. I’ve never seen this done in native work. The way the wire is attached is also unusual. Rather than being attached directly between the half round wire from which the shank is constructed in the Navajo or Zuni fashion, it is attached on the inside or bottom of the ends of the shank, and instead of going all the way around the wrist in the center, it is bent off to one side and individually attached underneath the back plate in opposite directions on either side. The “Turquoise” appears to be standard mm cut stones, and may or may not actually be turquoise. Frankly, it looks like block.If I were a betting man, I’d say this piece is of Asian origin.


not much help enhancing sellers potato cam photo


thank you very much for this analysis @mmrogers
it is also the impression that I had at first sight on this bracelet! In addition, the person tells me that it weighs 200 grams !

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Very detailed interpretation of the bracelet @mmrogers. I was guessing Southeast Asia.


I agree with Asian; whenever I see a platelike center with a little flat flower design like that, it screams foreign knockoff to me. Not that I am any kind of expert but if it looks like something I see at TJ Maxx (an American chain store that sells off-season overstock clothing, jewelry, and home decor), those items have a certain look that is pretty identifiable overall…it is often from Southeast Asian or India. Also the stones look too uniform in color to be natural.


When stones are that cookie cutter (all the same, no matrix or variance in color) I assume it’s block and not real turquoise.

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