Wilson Begay spiderwebbed cuff

My favorite FeDEx guy brought this cuff today and I’m curious to find out some more about it. From what I’ve read, he started working about 1960 and he and his wife worked for Tobe Turpen in the past.
It is about 3/8” wide and weighs 38 grams. The turquoise cabs are approximately 3/8” by 1/4”. My questions are: 1) is the turquoise American? 2) an approximate age—I noticed that the cabs are not all the same height and thought it might be from settling over time. 3) what would be a realistic value. Thanks as always for sharing your knowledge.


Noticed the tree debris and lovebugs on my window and couldn’t edit them out of the pictures. Lol

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I think everyone is riveted on the bracelet. nice polish on cabs

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That is Beautiful Turquoise!

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I don’t know if they are all identical or from the same mine, but the first stone looks Chinese to me. I love the color on these!

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Thanks to you, AC and Karne for your nice comments. The turquoise was definitely the “buy me” factor on this one. It also fits and feels great on my arm.
Waiting for @Jason to chime in and give us his opinion. I’m sure he’s knowledgeable about Wilson Begay’s work since he and his wife worked for Tobe Turpen which is now Perry Null.

I didn’t know that Perry Null was formerly Tobe Turpen!

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I’m pretty sure that I have read that on here or possibly on the Perry Null site. Jason also knew about an unmarked piece of Mary Morgan’s work because she had worked for them in the past. I’ll see if I can find it.

Go to Perry Null and it’s on the opening page.

It took me a bit to trace but I did find that the
Tobe Turpin shop was perhaps purchased by Perry Null so many years ago. That’s what brought me to Perry Null. Some of my older
resource materials would show a great piece courtesy of Tobe Turpin…had to keep looking

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Now when @Jason joins this thread we will get confirmation of that and maybe he can shed some light on the turquoise in this cuff.

Perry Null purchased Tobe Turpen Trading in 2002. One employee who has was with Tobe Turpen in the 1960s is still here working away. We see Carole & Wilson at least once a week. This would be a newer bracelet, Chinese Turquoise, $150 - $180.


Thanks Jason, guess not so many years ago.

you can easily sell these cabs for way higher than $180 in China now.:sweat_smile:

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I have been wondering about the Chinese market. Now I know why I like it so much.
I posted another cuff back on April 10 in the Appraisal category. It is titled Robert Becenti (?) cuff with unusual turquoise. If you have time, I would like your opinion? Thanks @wjuanxp