Wolf Cuff

I found this guy recently and I won’t be selling it. I have a long time fried who goes by Wolf in Colorado. It will be his this Christmas for sure. I know it is not the most appealing Native American work, but he will be blown over by it. I am not concerned about the value(it will be intrinsic!). I could use some assistance with the hallmark though. I am coming up with nothing from the resources so far. Any thoughts?


Interesting piece, curious if anyone can identify it. Found this one on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Carol-Felley-Wolf-Hound-Coyote-Sterling-Silver-Wide-Cuff-Bracelet-/371842223560. Like yours more. It does look like it was a cast piece.

Thanks Jason! I was thinking the center oval portion of mine was cast as well. Looks like band stock for the rest. Unusual hallmark and the letters as well. Kinda reminiscent of a Hopi hallmark…