Wooden tool box repurposed as a jewelry box

I came across a cool tool box at Harbor Freight that when vamped up a little, will make a great jewelry box - I’ll get a couple of fluffy paint rollers and cover with fabric for bracelet holders and voila’:


That’s a great idea! Am wondering if the small drawers are deep enough to hold a couple cuff bracelets?

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My wider cuffs are about 2", so the drawer closes just fine with them laying on their sides -

This is my goal:


This is fabulous! What a great idea!

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What a great idea!! The bracelet rolls would be easy to make, and looks like you’re not too far off from the goal product.

I’m also using a Harbor Freight solution for my cuffs, they’ve got some good storage ideas! I think this is originally a firearms box. I like the double layer of foam for two “trays” and that it’s portable.


Any time you get a wonderful idea like this again, just share it here. I loe this idea and you know it is built strong if it was made for tools. :heart_eyes:

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Woops, I loe this should be Love. lol

sigh…yet another “yep,you’re different” example.
I’ve been pondering how to display my stuff :wink: I’ve got a couple of sets of whitetail “skullcap” antlers that I’ve been trying to get the crappy varnish off…when that happens,some rings will slide on the tines.
now,the cigar boxes I covered( birch bark & suede) are nice but they could hold anything,right?

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Yup - I like looking at Pinterest to get ideas (not that I’ve made anything yet). I bought one of the big ornate plastic IKEA frames at a garage sale that I’ll paint and put either a light wooden insert with cup hooks, or glue in chicken wire to hang things off of (wood frames are easy to staple wire in, plastic requires sturdy glue).


Well, you are all more creative than I am. Most of mine is just in a boring gray fire safe lock box. Rest is in a drawer in little cardboard boxes till I get another lock box.