Woohoo! My cuff is back!

Surprise, surprise, for me! My cuff came in the mail today (Perry Null emailed me Tues Eve saying it was done). They did a great job (of course!).

They replaced some pieces on the front and on both sides.

And these are the two rings I used to wear with it (not on same hand :grin:). Both I bought as pawn, and the petrified wood one was purchased from Tobe Turpen’s (other from Teec Nos Pos Trading Post).

I’m so excited to finally feel like I can wear it again. Thanks Perry Null for such exceptional service!!


I love the look! Three great pieces.:heart::heart:

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Wow, that cuff is stunning & looks great on your wrist. Looks like PN did a superb job. :clap:

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Gorgeous, looks fantastic on your wrist!!!

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Welcome back cuff :grin: Glad to see you got her all patched up. It’s a beautiful cuff.

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It looks great! And I love the rings, too!


And thinking back to the bracelet thread…this is one I will NOT stack :grin: No banging it into things allowed!