Worth fixing?

@stevestrail would this be considered something valuable as is? The diamonds are small but they are real. Im assuming its 14k white gold. Has a working omega brand movement. I dont know about the crystal but it needs replaced. I had someone offer $140 in the shape its in now, is that a fair price?

My fancy photoshoot pictures. I think of it more like a bracelet than a watch

my mother had one almost identical to that she bought in the 40s i think. parents sold it in the 80s? when price of gold skyrocketed.

Ive looked on the internet and have seen a lot of them very similar but not one that looks exactly like it which i thought was pretty cool.

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I would sell it for that. Vintage women’s watches have been pretty dead. Omega and 14k with diamonds is the reason you are offered a good price. Most women’s 14k watches sell for the gold scrap.

Unless the watch has a highly desirable movement, vintage pocket watches sell for gold scrap and I’ve seen some sell for less than scrap.

But check eBay sold listings to verify.


You got that right about the pocket watches. I didnt get much for this one and i think it was 1900s thanks for the info