Would this be Ribbon/Boulder Royston Turquoise?

I am trying to Identify the turquoise in this bracelet. Wondering if this would be Ribbon RoystonTurrquoise? The green is nice deep and dark. Design is very simple but haven’t seen it before. Anyone have a guesstimate on the age. Thanks for your help.

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Would you say the secondary stone is a mix of quartz and stone? Thanks


Wonder if your stones are Pilot Mountain Turquoise?

Thanks for the link. It definitely looks like it could be a contender :slight_smile:

I think you are safe to call these Royston. I have included a picture with lighter Royston stones, but you will recognize the similarities. Yours just happen to be dark, which I have seen also.

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I feel like the stones in your bracelet, are exactly identical material to what the Royston Mine is currently producing. If you look at modern NA pieces with Royston I think you’ll agree :slight_smile:

Jason thanks for your reply. Royston makes sense, I was thrown off by the white in the center stone making me think it might be boulder turquoise.

Thanks Bree I appreciate your help. So you are thinking this is more of a modern piece? I wasn’t sure because I failed to mention in my first post that this bracelet is not hallmarked nor is it stamped for silver content. I was thinking this would be the norm for modern pieces.

The thing I really liked about this one is that it runs very small. I have so many bracelets that I have bought and love them but they are larger and they slide around on my small wrist. Anyone have tips on ways to wear their larger bracelets so they fit snug. Someone needs to design some kind of insert, I would definitely buy it :wink:

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Someone told me to get moleskin padding (that you would use for corns on your feet) and cut it to fit inside the cuff. I found some at Walmart that was inexpensive and already had adhesive on it. I haven’t used it yet but I think it will work.

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Thanks @Islandmomma. I will have to give that a try!

I am curious, too, if moleskin helps… I have a 5 1/4-1/2 inch wrist. The only cuffs that fit me really well are child’s. I have a couple that are close but they twist if there is any heft to them.

I thought my size 6 wrist was small but you have me beat. I haven’t tried it yet but plan to. I agree bad enough when they slide up and down. When they are heavy they spin around and end up backwards on me.

My wrists are tiny, too. Have ruined (broken) many nice cuffs by tightening them around my wrist.
Thanks for the info on ways to make them smaller.

Looks like Royston to me!