Would you consider this Number 8 Turquoise?

When I bought this bracelet is was listed as appears to be from The Number 8 Mine. I realize there is no definitive way to know unless you bought directly from the mine or the miner at some point. But what would your guess be? Any thoughts on the age or value. There are no hallmarks. I’m new to buying Native American pieces and look forward to your responses. Learning a lot from this site. Glad I found it. Thanks


Thought I would bump this as I didn’t get any replies the first time. Maybe 2nd times the charm. I also have another bracelet by Kirk Smith that might be considered Number Eight but it looks different than this one more blue green.
Thanks Much

Often it is hard to tell the type of turquoise because many mines have various and similar looking pieces. This can be especially true from a photograph as the true colors and tones may not be captured. That said, I see Number 8 as usually having a lighter shade of blue than your piece. Maybe Red mountain?

I appreciate your reply and insight. You are correct the flash has made the blue brighter than it is in person. Although, I would be tickled it actually were Red Mountain.

Your bracelet looks like it has some age. The stone appears to be a good size. I would guess the 1970s. I would also call this Indian Mountain instead of Number Eight. Turquoise is becoming very valuable and the value in this piece is that stone, I would be interested in the carat weight. Looking at a few different sites that sell stones, I would think you are looking somewhere between $18 - $30 a carat. Would like to see your Kirk Smith piece. Thanks for sharing.

Jason thanks for weighing in. I included another picture I’m not able to get the green tones to come through that I see in person. When you zoom you can also see it’s a more indigo blue on one side and neon blue on the other. I’m happy to post the Kirk Smith that I have it’s relatively new to me but I believe it’s authentic.


Maybe shoot Bob Brucia an image at nevadagem.com, he might have a different opinion. I am going to stay with Indian Mountain, but whatever it is it is a Nevada beauty.