Written Appraisals

There are hundreds of appraisers online for Native American made items. Who would you recommend for “written” evaluations, and what would be their type(s) of specialties?

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Appraisals have become an issue with insurance companies. In the past, (and even now) just about anyone could write an appraisal and many appraisers tended to over inflate values for “insurance” purposes.

Insurance companies are more and more requiring an industry recognized certified appraiser especially for jewelry. I recommend that you contact your insurance carrier and ask them for a list of appraisers they recognize for claims. You may need to speak with an Underwriter in Excess Surplus Lines if you plan to schedule individual pieces. Jewelers Mutual insurance has some online information.

If you have someone in mind be sure you verify with your insurance that they will recognize an appraisal from that person - and get it in writing.

Being in business for decades it does not guarantee an insurance company will recognize an appraisal from that person / business.


I would think having receipts helps? I keep mine.


Another good question for the insurance carrier @Ziacat .

Others: Will they pay on the current insured value (that you paid for the item) even if the market goes soft? Do they want updated appraisals? If market goes soft will they only pay on the current market trend?

And you likely want an “all risk” policy.


All good questions I have not thought of when it comes to jewelry. Thank you for bringing this to light.