Yei Man Squash Set Value

Just tickled to have gotten my hands on this! I know the artist and have seen photos of this. It is Navajo Frances Jones. Any idea what the value is on a full set like this? I am guessing it to be 1970-80???


This is so freakin cool, I love Yei’s. You totally scored. Individually, here’s what I would ask on the pieces individually:

Ring: $75-$85
Cuff: $200-$245
Necklace $400-$525

I feel like those prices are reasonable too, Jones’ work seems to be a bit pricey on eBay. I say put $1,200-$1,300 on the set, and leave yourself some room to haggle!

Ps… i secretly admire your coral squash blossom from a far, I check on etsy every so often to see if it’s sold :heart_eyes:

This is an old design and has been attributed to many different artists, including the famous ones,