Yellow "Turquoise" Examples

Recently, there was some discussion about Yellow Turquoise.
Finally came across my Yellow Turquoise beads purchased from Thunderbird Supply in the 1980’s. They said it was found near some Arizona Turquoise mines, but a form of jasper and hematite.

What is marketed as Yellow Turquoise is actually a form of jasper or serpentine, often with hematite.
Some are selling dyed howlite as Yellow Turquoise.

It does make for beautiful jewelry, especially when paired with hematite.

The colors and patterns vary greatly.

The beads on the right are more translucent than the rest.


Here are a couple of mine. The ring is not NA sold as hubei. I was told the cuff is damele but it seems to be more yellow then the typical examples I see. I love it either way but I would be nice to know for sure. Definitely stabilized.


I’ve not seen Damale be that yellow, and often seems to have a much tighter matrix.


Lovely and that cuff is killer. I believe that it is also Hubei turquoise.


I’m also voting Chinese turquoise. Have definitely seen turquoise of this color before and have a pendant made of a similarly colored material, this very yellowish green.