Zuni Bracelet ID

Can anyone tell me who LME is? It’s a Zuni cluster bracelet and the center are turquoise in the shape of a flower pot? Thank you and pictures attached!

Are you sure it’s an E? LMB is the mark used by Larry Moses Begay who is Navajo but does cluster work. I am attaching pictures of one I have. There is a difference: mine the initials are stamped into the cuff and on yours they are in a block. I also don’t recall seeing him doing flower designs.
I’ll try to check some of my books later and see if someone else pops up. My favorite online source only lists Begay but the more I look at the bracelet the less sure I am that he was the maker.

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I believe the mark is suppose to be an LMB for Larry Moses Begay. However, I don’t believe this is his work. The turquoise is block. Also, we call this work cluster and many refer to it as a blossom, but I don’t recall seeing pieces where the Navajo or Zuni artist make it a flower blossom like you see in this piece. Where did you find the piece?

I returned it already to the seller on eBay…going to look for the genuine article…do you have any reliable seller’s on eBay?

The best thing with eBay is to look at sellers feedback, not just the score but the actual feedback. It seems like you can’t leave a negative feedback in eBay, so look at the messages.

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