Zuni cross with mystery mark and hallmark

I can read Zuni on this but the artist name is a mystery. Another mystery is the mark at the bottom. Is it a twirling log or something else?


I don’t know about whirling logs; looks to me like the initials SS. And if that’s the word Zuni, it appears to be spelled wrong (looks like it has 2 n’s).

Could the SS mean Sterling Silver?

How about LAELE?

Looks like Laate to me; I’ve seen Morris and Sadie Laahte’s last name spelled this way (as well as other ways) before.

I don’t think this is by them; they always made sunface designs as far as I know, but it’s a potential Zuni last name this might spell. I think it does say “Zuni” underneath (the second ‘n’ @Ziacat is seeing may be part of the ‘i’) and SS for sterling silver.