Zuni cuff

Can anyone tell me anything about this cuff? It is one of my favorites. It is unsigned, and I’m thinking probably from the 70’s? The cross pattern seems a bit different to me; I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. There is one stone that is clearly mismatched and a few others that are kind of variable in color, I’m not sure if any of those were replacements.

I don’t know why I can’t get the pictures to load. I’ll try again later

This is a beautiful bracelet and does appear to have some age, might not be as old as the 70s. You think of this stone style as Zuni, but I believe your bracelet is Navajo made. It is a cool cross design and it is something that makes this piece different. Stones can naturally change color over time, but that one you point out definitely seams like a replacement, doesn’t match shape or color.

Thanks for your reply Jason. Can you tell me what in particular about this price makes you suspect that it is Navajo made rather than Zuni? Thanks again.

Wow, that is a beautiful bracelet. Love everything about it!

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A handful of things. First the silver work. I have included a picture of two cuffs, the piece on the left is Navajo (Justin Wilson) and the right is Zuni (Lorraine Waatsa). It is hard to tell from the picture, but the Navajo piece silver work is just more substantial. Notice how the Navajo piece, like yours, has three wires for the shank and the Zuni has two.

Also, you mentioned how you had never seen this cross before. I can’t recall ever seeing this design either. A Zuni artist seems to always specialize. Meaning they will make the same thing over and over. Making the possibility of seeing this design before greater. Plus, you usually see these Zuni cluster cuffs done with a couple of different stone sizes. This piece is one size stone. Zuni artists have mastered small stone cutting and seem to enjoy incorporating different sizes and shapes to design their pieces. Even though Lorraine is only using two in her cuff.



Thank you for ALL of the information that you share witheveryone. I am learning so much and am thrilled to have found this website and forum.

Again, many, many thanks!

Wow, thanks for the detailed response. This is great info!

Thank you Jason! This was very educational for me and I learned something new!

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