Zuni Earrings

Trying to figure out what to sell these for!?

Each pair is missing 1 stone, the 1st pair is missing a ‘dangler’.

Neither pair has a hallmark.

Thanks in advance for any info, advice, etc.!

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I don’t have a very good picture, but it looks like the first pair is signed by the artist. Is that true? If so, what is the name? A signature will usually add to the value.

I think it was signed by a previous owner, it doesn’t look like a hallmark to me, but the name is Jeannie something… Lastagian… Lastigano… Lastugan… I can’t read it! lol

I really don’t care about the name, just want to know what to ask for it on eBay.

Btw, it’s my fault you don’t have a good pic to look at, because I didn’t take a good one.

Tough call on these to be truthful. I just replaced a needlepoint stone in a ring. It was all in around $110. That included the new stone that matched beautifully and the jewelers time. Unfortunately that along with what I paid for the ring priced it out of competitiveness. Luckily my wife loves it. I can’t tell you what to ask for them, but I can tell you what I would pay for them given that they are incomplete. I would not pay more than $25 each pair for them. That is well above the sterling scrap rate, but you will see alot of people look at these more for their base value of sterling and Turquoise. If I were to buy them I would most likely take the first pair and remove the inner dangler and the post portion, combine them into one. Reserving the larger portion for scrapping the silver and then the Turquoise to repair future Needlepoint pieces. I wasn’t able to see the missing stone on the 2nd pair. I hope that helps and as usual I defer to the pros.

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Top Right, 2 O’clock, missing stone…
That sounds expensive to replace a needlepoint stone!
Thanks for the price/info.

I paid $40 plus postage to get a single needlepoint stone replaced in a vintage Lucille & Sampson Bowekaty cuff.

These are great earrings & I’d be sad to see them go for scrap.

I can’t see the dimensions. I’m used to seeing $125-$250 for intact Zuni chandelier earrings of this quality that are about two inches long. That’s intact, though, not missing a stone.

The signed pair is really signed by the artist. Jeannie Lastiyano is the artist. Here’s another pair by her on eBay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zuni-Jeannie-Lastiyano-Sterling-Silver-Needlepoint-Turquoise-Large-Earrings/142722127436?hash=item213ae6d64c:g:Z0gAAOSwxdtaqcX4

Sorry… 1st pair are about 3.5" long & 1" wide, 2nd pair’s about 4.25" long & .75" wide.

I’m obviously not too excited about them! It bothers me when something’s missing… with anything!

Thanks for that link! I had no idea they were what they are (if that makes any sense!?).

I’m sorry you’re not excited about them, because I think they’re really nice earrings. Given that the artist is apparently still producing, maybe you could get her to replace the missing stones?

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Nice earrings, I think something like $15 would be a reasonable price to get that fixed. It will be difficult to match the patina and stone color, but just one piece might not be so noticeable. I have included images of some dangle Zuni earrings, the two larger pair retail for $140 and the small pair $55. The great thing about Zuni artists is they seam to always make the same thing over and over, so it makes it easier to find the artist. The bottom pair I believe was made by Irene Paylusi. I am not sure if she is still making jewelry.

Good response. Sound knowledgeable to me. I can not visualize the lost stone .