Zuni family trees - was Paloma a Quam?

I have two Zuni needlepoint rings by Shirly Quam - one in turquoise, one in coral.

I have been looking for some time for a ring by Paloma to add to my collection. I came across this a while back, and it is sort of a puzzlement. I’m finally getting around to asking my favorite brain trust for their thoughts. :smiley:


Was/is Paloma a member of the Quam family? I’ve only ever seen this ring style signed by Shirley. Wouldn’t it be a little unusual to see them cross-signing across such distinctive designs?



sorry I don’t know the pedigree.
have a “paloma” ring,though=6 tiny corals,sawtooth set,shank is not flat but triangular, & stamped (looks by hand to me) w/4 triangles.

Interesting! Appears they used the same ring mount and added the needle point turquoise. Shirley is Alice Quam’s daughter, but I can’t find any direct info of Paloma in the Quam heritage. Who knows; wish I had more info…there are extensive family trees in my pottery books; does anyone know of similar trees for jewelers?

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Unfortunately I am unfamiliar the N.A. family trees. I’m sure someone here will have the information for you. :crossed_fingers:t3:I do have a Paloma ring and bracelet though. They were purchased separately.

In Hougart 5th Edition there is no mention of relation between Paloma and Shirley Quam. I hope this may help.

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